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Massage & Pain Relief


Alot of people are turning to massage for more than just a day of relaxation and pampering. Not that there is anything wrong with that and here is great article if you are curious about what spas are about. however there is a different side to massage. The therapeutic side. The pain relief side.  The AmericanMassage Therapy Association listed the top 25 reasons to get a massage. Here are the top 5 from that list:



  1. Relieve stress

  2. Relieve postoperative pain

  3. Reduce anxiety

  4. Manage low-back pain

  5. Help fibromyalgia pain


The list could go on forever! But don't worry, no matter what your goals are for your session we will figure out what will work best for you! 


 At Knot Work, we specialize in deep tissue/therapeutic massage so aiding in helping to manage pain and increase flexibility is what we do. We also provide home care techniques and resources to great information so that you have somewhere to turn if you have questions.

If you are considering massage due muscular pain, this is a great article from Harvard Medical School about massage for pain relief. 

When A Massage goes Wrong


The client is ALWAYS in control of their massage session. if you ever find yourself in a massage session where something feels "off", voice your concerns to your therapist. If you feel that they are listening or honoring your requests, you have the right to end the session early.


Knot Work Massage Therapy provides a safe and professional environment where you can be assured your needs will come first. We will NEVER force a technique on the you and will NEVER intentionaly cause you pain. This is the link to the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork consumer page. Here you will find some great information about what to expect and NOT expect from a professional massage practice.

At Home Care 


If you are looking to continue your care at home, here are some resources and suggestions to aid you. 


ALWAYS talk to your physician prior to starting any new self care routine to ensure that it is safe for you and your particular situation. Please note that none of the recommendations made here are meant to be taken as medical advice nor substitue actual directives from a licensed medical professional.

1. Athlean-X is a great resource for strengthening and stretching in a way that is safe and effective. View the YouTube channel here: Athlean X YouTube Channel


2. Yoga and regular stretching can really help reinforce the mind/body connection. Yoga With Adriene is a fantastic  channel for anyone who is interested in incorporating yoga into their everyday life. View channel here: Yoga With Adriene


3. The Thumbby Massage Cone is an excellent option to turn to if you are needing spot specific pressure ex. b/t the shoulder blades or base of the skull. The Thumbby Massage Cone is available to purchase in office for $30. Each Thumbby Massage Cone purchase comes with a complimentary Velocity lacrosse ball (while supplies last).


4. Yoga balls and yoga wheels are  great ways to really stretch your spine. These can be purchased many places such as TJ Maxx and Khols as well as online. Purchase on line here: Yoga Wheel Yoga Ball Note: Yoga Wheels and Yoga Balls come in many sizes, shapes and designs. I do recommend researching which one will best fit your needs.


5. Tennis balls, Lacrosse balls and requet balls are great for working out tight areas such as low back, back of the upper legs and calves. 

In todays world there are alot of options when it comes to at home self care.


*The above links are recommendations only and I do not receive any compensation if you choose to purchase them. I am recommending them because I have had good personal experience with them.


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