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Massage Services 


Swedish/Relaxation Massage


Swedish massage is a technique designed to invigorate the body by improving circulation and tissue elasticity while reducing muscle tone. At Knot Work, our Swedish massage is typically a lighter massage that is performed by combining a variety of continuous, flowing strokes and rhythmic compressions to soothe the nervous system to allow the stress to drain away and the client to drift into a deep state of relaxation. The pressure is adjusted to the client's preference. This service includes a soothing scalp and face massage as well as heated foot wraps.


Deep Tissue/Therapeutic Massage


DTM is a style of massage that utilizes a variety of techniques to deeply penetrate the fascia and muscles, loosening them and releasing tension and addressing muscle specific problems. DTM is most beneficial when undertaken on a regular basis, so that the client and the therapist can work together to correct long term problems, relax the body, and prevent injury.  DTM is recommended for clients who struggle with chronic pain from soft tissue injury, clients who are involved in strenuous physical activity or spend a lot of time in situations where repetitive movements are required.   

Pricing For Massage Services


The pricing structure of Knot Work Massage Therapy is based on the length of time you choose for your session, not the technique used. I chose to structure it this way to make it easier for the you to decide. When you arrive for your appointment, depending on your goals for your massage, we will decide on what technique(s) will work best for you! 

30 min/$45



120 min/$135

*3 hour sessions available upon request

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Knot Work Massage Therapy

10431 Ligon Mill Rd Ste. B

Wake Forest NC 27587


By Appointment Only


All hands on massage and bodywork performed by NC licensed massage and bodywork therapist Tifnie Troxler, NC LMBT#16887, Owner

Massage Service Add-ons*


Cold/Hot Stones 


Basalt stones are heated to the perfect temperature help the tension and stress melt from the neck, back and shoulders. If you love cold, then cold stones are for you. Cold stones are great on the forearms and hands and can help with fatigue and discomfort from everyday use. This can be added to any massage service.




The perfect compliment to any service.  Essential oil of your choosing is added to the massage cream/oil as well, under the face cradle, and added to the heated foot towels.Choose from 100% therapeutic grade Lavender, Eucalyptus or Peppermint.


*Available upon Request

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